Attraction of investments into your project

Our services: search for investors and funds (we will attract you money), product packaging, team building of advisers. The total amount of attracted funds for our clients for 2 years amounted to $ 2.5 billion. In rare cases, we ourselves invest in block projects projects (already more than $ 10M). Read more:

Attracting money, investing, searching for funds.

This is a conditionally free service for the customer, i.e. you get money with little or no investment. You pay a commission from actually raised funds. And there is no particular difference, you will personally look for funds or we will do it. Even when you personally found an investor, they are 95% mediator of this fund, which will require a significant commission. Our commission is lower by 40-70%. Moreover, intermediaries will also want a significant bonus to tokens.

The works include the following stages:

  • The service is partly on credit, so we first conduct an audit of the project. Unfortunately, many projects are not ICO’bility. Please check out the “Search for advisors” service, which specifically describes the steps that reveal these steps and our work.
  • In the case of a positive decision, we estimate the cost of working on finalizing your project in order to increase its attractiveness and put forward a commercial offer. We understand that the funders do not have much money, but somebody has to pay for the work, otherwise we will not be able to start looking for investments. We are going to compromise on payment issues. An example of such work is the complete processing of your White Paper, website or obtaining a license (legal aspects of a future transaction with an investor). You spend money, but not for the very service of “attracting investment,” and a partial amount for the completion of your own project.
  • The parties sign the contract and begin work.
  • We work together on the adopted plan, connect the ICO platform and prepare the project for presale.
  • To exclude the rejection of the fund for a technical reason (the quality of the smart contract), it makes sense to order it in CryptoB2B – the product is prepared for any tough audits of your future investors (already passed them). A smart contract can be taken from another company N times cheaper, but it can have consequences. For example, following the results of our mass audits of someone else’s ICO from funds, when they request an audit, in 90% we are forced to give a negative audit, because there are gross violations of the protection of the rights of investors. Finding a cheap third-party developer with a beautiful website and a skilful sales manager, the chance that you stumble upon an incompetent implementation of a smart contract is 1 to 10. Even in Russian roulette, chances are higher.
  • After work on packaging and preparation, we launch a road show of your project. These experts are engaged in, physically located in different countries to conduct investment shows of our projects.
  • You get an investment (in fiat or crypt). These funds will be completely legal in terms of legislation and taxes.
Investing in our own funds

We can invest in your project. Only for infrastructure projects, really related to the blockbuster. Not suitable for 95% of projects on ICO, because strictly speaking, they have nothing to do with blockage. Our group of companies for two years invested in ICO own money for $10M+. By and large, we have been investing since 2010, but then these were projects that were not related to blocking.

You can either independently search for investors, or contact the head of CryptoB2B. He is a partner of the main investor of our group of companies since 2010, which takes these decisions. I think that it is not necessary to say the obvious things that the project should already have an implementation, an experienced team and a realistic business plan, and you have already prepared all the materials for presenting the most profitable properties than the investor would be interested in. More info :