The services are described in detail on the ALL SERVICES page, here is presented only a short list with the possibility of a quick order. All summs and percentages are indicated “from”, according to the minimum equipment. For many services, you can choose the conditions according to your budget. Without a voice conversation, it is impossible to determine the final cost due to a very large list of services and payment scenarios – prepaid or partially paid. Information on the page is not an offer. Final prices are provided only in the commercial offer.

Private CabinetInvestor's personal cabinet for registration, subscribing to news, crypto-wallet entering, getting acquainted with the progress of ICO, calculator of tokens, buying tokens for crypto currency, viewing their transactions and tokens on the account.$2000
Smart contractSmart contracts, issue of tokens, bonus programs, unprecedented security and protection of investors' interests, readiness for audit by future funds.$2000
ReferalConnect a referral (affiliate) program, with tree-like payments, the opportunity to use as motivation in bounty & airdrop. A simplified referral program is free, always on.$500
DDoSExtended site protection from DDoS. Basic DDos protection is already built-in, free of charge.$100
First personProtection of the beneficiary and his training on how to save billions after the ICO. All are sure of the correctness of their actions to create wallets and do not suspect how easy it is to steal money. Read about the theft? Vulnerabilities are not part of the blockchain, it's flawless.$2000
Site protectSite protection from hacking. Our Cabinet is safe. But what happens if you (as a client) were robbed, your SSH key or the entire domain was stolen? We have developed procedures in the case of even such serious forms of hacking to preserve your reputation (stop the theft of money / tokens).$1500
KYCAdd special KYC / AML procedures to identify investors, legal procedures, connect your KYC provider - for a fee. We already have 5 ready-made scenarios for KYC procedure on the ICO platform - it's free.$1000
FiatAttach bank cards. The investor buys tokens directly by card for RUR, USD, EUR. Do not force an unprepared user to go to exchanges or exchangers, reputational risk.8%
PayPalConnect a payment system such as PayPal, AliPay, Webmoney,, support transfers within the network to the wallets and bank cards, without the need to register.$1000
Support, chatAdd an online chat to Personal cabinet, organize a support. The user will be able to ask questions and solve problems directly on the site.$80
BankConnect your bank to sell tokens for non-cash payments or credit cards.$1000
Legal work
InvestmentAttract ready investments from funds. We will pack your product and will advertise it on international investment shows, conferences and private road shows. Payment on the fact of attracted funds.15%
IncubatorPromote your project in different incubators, investment shows and programs that are engaged in the evaluation / judging of projects and after the selection at the competition immediately invest the full amount. Sometimes we ourselves invest in profitable projects.$1000
Trade tokenIssuing a token to the exchange$4000
Legal previewLegal preparation of documents, resp. chapters of the white book, terms, user agreements, legality examination ICO$3000K
Legal bankJurisdiction and taxes. Creation of a new company. Legalization of the procedure for accepting money and coordination with the client bank and the central bank of your future activity at 0% of taxes$10K
EscrowDecentralized escrow with the judges responsible for the allocation of money. A unique scenario encouraging investors to invest more money that will be protected and will be returned to investors if the project is not implemented on time.4%
Marketing work
Active salesActive sales of tokens. Immediately after registration, the managers of the sales department contact the user and convince him buy tokens, proving the profitability of the investment and the reliability of the project's reputation. Thus, daytime fees jump 2-5 times.15%
LandingCreate your main site (Landing) about the project for ICO with translation into the necessary languages. Development of design, logo, style, structure.$3000
WhitePaper baseCreation of whitepaper, basic version, standard diagrams and subjects of chapters.$3000
WhitePaper techWhitepaper - technical study. Unlike the marketing campaign, we have a technical background (20+ years) and write: a real concept, charts, diagrams, protocols, decentralized functions, a description of data / tokens in a smart contract, etc. The same, but VIP level ($ 8K) , when it is possible to develop an ecosystem that is most appreciated by investors.$4000
TokenomicaDevelopment of the role of the token in the project and its economy.$2000
AdviserSelection of a team of advisers and employees. Finding of well-known acquaintances of business consultants with functions from "only photographs" to real work with you. The choice of true specialists in the department of IT development. Investors, as a rule, are interested in a talented IT team.$5000
MediaPublications in the media content on the project. Copyright, analytical articles, negotiations with publications. All kinds of media advertising and promotion. Step further on the way of promotion: from the local newspaper to articles in Forbs.$5000
Social networkPromotion in social networks, blogging / chat rooms, different languages, packaging / presentation of the material, moderation. We work in FB, Medium, BitcoinTalk, Reddit, KakaoTalk, Telegram, etc.$3000
Bounty ListingsBounty, AirDrop, listings. Conduct Bounty, quality control, buying traffic, is compatible with our referral program.$2000
AdvManaging of social networks branches (BitcoinTalk / Telegram), conducting conversations with users, working with the negative and leaders of influence, buying commercial topics in AdWords and other traffic, marketing promotion of the project.$2500
Media fullFull marketing support contract, large project.$500K
Other jobs
Air tripOne-time consultation on your project (consultation about our services is free of charge). Examining your situation, selecting technical solutions, architectures, analyzing your contractors / programmers, an approximate analysis of the estimate. 2 hours on skype$150
Air tripVisit to the customer in any country, holding a consultation / meeting, working on the concept and Whitepaper in person, assessing the qualifications of programmers in your IT department and auditing the project status.$1000
AuditCarrying out an audit of other people's smart contracts + the project itself. This is relevant for an investor who wants to invest big money in ICO and wants to test technical viability. Learning WP, code, communicating with the team, bringing to the surface, crushing criticism.$3000
New contractDevelop a smart contract or blockchain part of your project. If the contract is needed for the ICO - this is already there, our ICO platform. It means any other work and development.$5000
Ethen.marketReady-made decentralized crypto exchange Ethereum: leasing / whitelabel, customization for your plan / outsourcing, integration into your product, sale entirely with the source code. And it's free: if you are willing to share your income.$5K
OutsourceOutsourcing, development of MVP, the first version of your blockchain project. Creation of IT department from the ground up, search and training of programmers, development of database architecture, control of project creation. Price for six months of team work in 6 people$200K
TopfaceDevelopment of a large project. 90% of the work there will not concern blockchain. The price of developing a real large project, the level of Topface, the budget for 12-16 months, a team of about 20 people: programmers, testers, designers and other departments is indicated.$1 M