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Our main partner, together with whom we provide full support of the client company to the ICO. CryptoB2B is part of a large group of companies to develop, implement various IT services, support for ICO, crypto investment and arbitrage traffic. The client can apply to or to CryptoB2B and the project will be implemented as a single turn-key order. ICOrating is a well-known brand in the business part of blockchain community. The goal of ICOrating and CryptoB2B is to increase the company’s client fees through a professional approach to the ICO campaign. Sometimes the founders have different goals, such as saving on services, to the detriment of the primary goal – the implementation of the plan to collect investment.

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ICO BROTHERS – is a team of professionals who provide services at all stages of the ICO – from elaborating the concept to marketing activities and putting projects on the market. We have been working on the cryptocurrency market since 2016 and have already participated in the launch of 10 international projects. Total revenue from team’s projects exceeds $50 million. CryptoB2B & ICO Brothers provide joint support to ISO clients on various aspects.

uUSSiU9UrEWLOnVw - – is company, on the technological basis of which the company CryptoB2B was created. The CryptoB2B is also one of the three founders of Topface and its CIO. In far 2010 he personally developed the database architecture, the first version of Topface and created the IT component of the company from scratch. The project has the characteristics of 400-500 servers, of which 200 are SQL, more than 100,000,000 registered users, more than 1,500,000 unique users every day, this is a true horizontal scaling, this is basically Big Data / Hi-load. Now Topface is a partner supplying qualified programmers and system administrators for CryptoB2B.
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Ad4top – is a partner engaged in arbitrage traffic and performing cases to attract ICO traffic to the sites of our customers. This is a company that performs kpi in accuracy and on time, is able to solve the problems of customers qualitatively. The company professionally works with the largest players in the advertising market: Facebook, Google and MyTarget. Their effectiveness is higher to 60% for the end customer, compared to working directly on Facebook or Google Adwords.


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Business incubator for crypto projects that go to the ICO. CryptoB2B is a partner for technical evaluation of incubator projects Crowdsale Network. The company is engaged in a wide range of business processes, in the selection of projects, the search for investments and the development of start-ups. Develops activity in the crypto community. In November 2017 is the organizer of a major forum in Kazakhstan – Blockchain Startups Weekend. Along with its own customers, CryptoB2B is responsible for the organization of ICO of a number of incubator projects.

img 5a29107c3ef2b - Partners – crypto-currency hedge fund. The main goal of the company is to invest clients’ money in high-yielding ICO. The Fund conducts deep analysis and has the resources to assess the investment attractiveness of projects conducting ICO. CryptoB2B provides ICOshark with IT services – analytics of cryptocurrency movement into the blockchain, the tools for crypto-trading, tokens technical analysis, various aspects of security. And also performs IT work for ICOshark clients on the ICO topic and other blockchain tasks.
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