Who are we?

CryptoB2B is part of a large group of companies, on the account of which in total:

  • 350-400 conducted by ICO in two years, own clients CryptoB2B – 30
  • clients: Enigma, INS, Bankera, KICKICO, HOQU, TaaS …
  • about $2.5 billion – attracted investment for customers and during ICO fees
  • > $10 million – own funds invested by CryptoB2B partner in blockchain projects
  • > $70 million – prevented theft / loss / damage from the result of our mass audits of others ICO
  • 100% coverage for services: development, marketing, audit, legal registration, trading, exchange, mining, training, advertising
  • main specialization: in-depth technical expertise and quality of IT projects implementation
  • 3 years in blockchain development (since 2015), 5 years in the blockchain community (since 2013), 20+ years in IT (since 1997)
  • total number of employees: 250+ people, 10 business units and 15 others (business, games, advertising, social networks, development)

Head CryptoB2B is the chief technical expert of all companies and is the founder of the world project Topface (2010), from which in 2016-2017 all other blockchain projects appeared. He is also a partner of the main owner of all these companies.

About the technical background and the CryptoB2B experience – at the bottom of this page.


Structure of our group of companies and general services

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Matrix CIB – is the world leader in the field of crypto investment and consulting services. They perform very important services for our clients – legal support for ICO, creation of the company in favorable jurisdiction, execution of banking / commercial licenses for legalization of connection with the crypt, search for investments, attract funds and make appropriate work to popularize your project, select the team of advisers. The company strives to be the most innovative financial services firm, focused on the development of high-intellectual crypto-investment products.

For the customers of our group of companies, CryptoB2B performs a technical package of work (platform, tokens, smart contracts, personal cabinet). MartixCIB & ICOrating carry out other important aspects of your order: marketing, advertising, legal support, business analytics / audit, product packaging, attraction of investments and edairers. In general, we close 100% of the needs.

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ICOrating – in our group of companies is the most famous brand in the business part of the blockchain community. The goal of ICOrating and CryptoB2B is to increase the client’s company’s fees through a professional approach to the ICO campaign. Sometimes the founders have different goals, such as saving on services, to the detriment of the primary goal – the implementation of the plan to collect investment. If you are a new client and are currently looking for an executor for the ICO platform, then you just need to open ICOrating, scroll the main page to the “Clients” section and see the brands that are familiar to you, who are our customers (as well as evaluate the collection amounts, success, etc.). Further, evaluate who is closest to you – projects with a cheap price for their services without eminent clients and with an unexplained list of hidden risks, or you want to increase the chances of success of crowdfinding in every way.

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Standartico – a unique product on the market: decentralized escrow for your ICO, which is managed by a group of independent international well-known international experts. Fees for ICO are held as usual on the ICO platform CryptoB2B (with all other additional services), but the decision to issue money is taken by the group, voting in the blockchain. These judges monitor the development of the project, deciding whether the project fulfills its own Roadmap. If promises hold back, then the money comes in large translations to the founder. If experts see problems, violations or fraud – they vote against and escrow (smart contract) returns the rest of the money to investors, thereby closing the project. Everyone manages a smart contract, not some people or CryptoB2B.

The essence of the benefit for investors is that they SHARE their losses on loss-making or fraudulent projects, which indirectly increases their total income. The traditional scheme – the investor has invested in 100 projects and where 5% of successful projects are all paid back. According to our scheme, we will return the remaining 95% to the investor in the event of a project failure! Strictly speaking, it is not 95%, of course, but the balance of money not spent by projects, for example, 65% of the money from the escrow fund, which is a net increase in investors’ profits by 50-70% without any effort. We will supply you with such a product and it will be easier for you to find investors with such conditions. We understand that it will not just be for you to decide… but there is not enough investment for everyone and we are looking for solutions for clients – how can you help in finding money.

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ICO Brothers – a team of professionals who provide services at all stages of the ICO: from conceptualization, to marketing activity and project launch to the market. They have been working on the crypto-currency market since 2016 and have already participated in the launch of 10 international projects, and the total number of clients for different services is more than 100. The total project team’s fees exceed $ 50 million. CryptoB2B & ICO Brothers carry out joint customer support for the ICO on various aspects. ICO Brothers is a partner, NOT part of our group of companies.

uUSSiU9UrEWLOnVw - AboutTopface – this is the company on the technological basis of which CryptoB2B was created. The CryptoB2B is also one of the 3 founders of Topface and its CIO. In the distant 2010, he personally developed the database architecture, the first version of Topface and created the IT component of the company from scratch. The project has the characteristics of 400-500 servers, of which 200 are SQL, more than 115,000,000 registered users, more than 1,500,000 unique users every day, this is a true horizontal scaling, this is basically Big Data / Hi-load. From a technical point of view, projects that have overcome the bar in 100M users in the world are very few, due to a multitude of technical and marketing problems and is an unattainable dream for 99.9% of projects. We are far from the size of monsters like Facebook or Google, but for the sum of all our projects, this is 200M + registrations, our users are 3-4% of the total population of the Earth (namely users, not just visitors). Now Topface is the base company with one of the strongest IT development teams in Russia and delivers qualified programmers and system administrators for CryptoB2B and other blockchain projects.
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Ad4top – our company engaged in arbitration of traffic and performing cases to attract ICO traffic to the sites of our customers. The company performs kpi in accuracy and on time, is able to solve the problems of clients qualitatively. Ad4top professionally works with the largest players in the advertising market: Facebook, Google and MyTarget. Their effectiveness is higher to 60% for the end customer, compared to working directly on Facebook or Google Adwords.





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ICOshark – crypto-currency hedge fund. The main goal of the company is to invest clients’ money in high-yielding ICO. The Fund conducts deep analysis and has the resources to assess the investment attractiveness of projects conducting ICO. CryptoB2B provides ICOshark with IT services – analytics of cryptocurrency movement into the blockchain, the tools for crypto-trading, tokens technical analysis, various aspects of security. And also performs IT work for ICOshark clients on the ICO topic and other blockchain tasks.

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ICO-dealer – affiliate network No. 1 for ICO. The best partner programs for active and future ICO campaigns, decentralized applications and other crypto projects. More than 300 network members. A convenient solution for participants and advertisers to make money on cryptomatics, have proven sites without fraud, receive weekly payments.

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Icohack – social network for the crypto community. A platform for listing individuals and companies where you can declare your services or find partners for your project. Right now, register, if you provide any services in the blockchain. More than 1000 participants since 2017.
img 5b3faa5029e84 - AboutEthen.market –  this is our own decentralized crypto-exchange on Ethereum, launched in spring 2018. Now we sell it to different clients under their own brands (White label). The site is a small trade, which is enough to assess the demo opportunities. Our team can finalize the exchange to the needs of your project. The real promotion of our copy of the stock exchange is planned, but has not yet begun.


History of CryptoB2B – about the competence of the development team

1988 – D. Borodin at the age of 8 saw a computer (first time) at work for his parents and was able to use it. Instead of games, the first program was typed – output of the multiplication table to the screen. And to make it happen, six months before that, a long study of Basic and programming on paper.

1997 – studying PHP version 2.0. Creation of the first site in Russian about php – PHP.SPB.RU. In subsequent years, the popularization of this and other programming languages. The date of commencement of commercial work by a web programmer and devops (then it was called a “web master”).

2000 – the creation of social. network. The analogue of that Pathway is BlaBlaCar (although it was founded in 2006, but launched in ~ 2014). Before the creation and popularization of social networks, there are still 5 years. NTV’s big russian television channel showed this in the news (video).

2001 – creation of the IRC network of bots under the TAHK brand on the BOT.NET.RU website. Bots sat on a multitude of channels and recorded messages. The web version of the site allowed to instantly find any negotiations and discover social connections between users. For example, you could change your nickname and restart into the network, but in terms of communication and history in the database, you could identify the connection of the new nickname to the old one. Now such systems are done by special services, which monitor correspondence.

2002 – the creation of a large chat network chat.php.spb.ru, which are everywhere put the owners of sites to themselves. At that time, there were no more comfortable web-chat rooms and Facebook will be created only in the year of 2006. All the usual communication went in the chat rooms, which also had profiles and communication tools. Chats were created as a replacement for not the most convenient IRC channels.

2006 – the creation of an analogue of Exist.ru & Emex.com – the-parts.ru. This is an online store for searching and buying spare parts. Only 12 years ago there were no such projects! To order a spare part it was possible only calling shops and markets by phone, and then their managers would also call their suppliers, etc. The project is alive and developing according to the laid architecture until now.

2010 – the creation of Topface. In just 3 months of project existence, he took first place in VK.com among applications and DAU (Day active users) was more than 1M. The project architecture, then embedded, is still working and does not have any theoretical problems for further scaling. Now it can withstand 115 million registered users. The project occupies 400-500 servers in the data center.

2011 – launch of master classes for 9 hours, as they create large scale projects. Description of the course on php.spb.ru. Problem: Facebook and VK.com developers attend conferences, give lectures. But according to this information, other people will not be able to reproduce the architecture, which will endure an infinitely greater burden. A unique master class solves this problem. It takes place every year and gathers from 80 to 500 people. Ask your web programmers if they attended this master class.

2013 – the first investment in Bitcoin & Litecoin (BTC rate = $ 300) and acquaintance with the technology of the blockchain.

2015 – the first attempt to write blockchain applications on Ethereum. It was an instant messenger, keeping a correspondence in the detachment for the reliable fixation of negotiations between the parties. The development was not put into operation, because we switched to a more profitable topic – ICO.

2015 – launch of the project Imigize.com. A unique new technology – non-contact fitting and buying shoes. The application on the photo from the phone can build a 3D model of the feet. And by scanning the inner space of shoes sold in Wildberries or Run Lab, you can compare both 3D models and advise in an online shoe store exactly which shoe size will suit the customer better.

2016 – from Topface ICOrating.com company is separated – promotion of projects on ICO, audit, listing. Also, ICOshark.com is being created – a crypt hedge fund that earns big dividends for investors (investments in the crypt / tokens and the work of its own traders).

2017 – from Topface the company CryptoB2B.io is separated – performing all technical works, programming, smart contracts, auditing foreign ICO, delivery of ICO platforms, etc. Also, several more blockchain companies of the companies described above are based.

2018 – ICOShark transformed into crypto bank Matrix CIB: legal work, investment attraction, algorithmic trading, etc. This was the last step in the evolution, which now allows our group of companies to perform 100% of all functions: from the usual development (outsource), to the conclusion on ICO and attracting funding.

2018 – CryptoB2B became the contractor for the most notorious ICO in 2018 in Russia – the project of Olga Buzova – BUZcoin.io. For non-Russians: Olga is a star of the Peris Hilton level, but in Russia.