ICO platform: sale of tokens for crypto currency

The smart contract (s) and the accompanying software are used by customers during the crowdsele time as ICO or ITO. The presence of a contract significantly increases investor confidence in ICO, since it heals a large number of technical risks. The essence of the platform is to provide a ready-made solution with paranoid security, both on the protection of the founder, and unprecedented protection of investors interests.

Possibility to receive any crypto currency, including fiat money: USD, PayPal… Integration with the Investor’s Personal Cabinet (from us or from the client). A well-considered scenario for the ICO campaign, to increase the attractiveness of the client in the eyes of the investor.

The list of risks that neutralize the smart contract and its capabilities:

  • the company will not withdraw the money, if does not reach the softcap
  • the company can not in any way affect the conditions of fundrising, if the fundraising process is already started
  • neutralizes typical risks of ICO, as substitution of addresses of secondary contracts
  • the founders do not have the opportunity to accept more funds, than it is laid in hardcap
  • eliminates the risks of non-fulfillment of promises from project founder regarding the burning of unsold tokens, since the release of the token is possible strictly at the time of sale, that is, there are no prerequisites for the need to burn something
  • contract is excellently suited for collecting any non-ETH currencies with strict reservation of exactly the number of tokens, which came (there are no loopholes to an infinite emission)
  • possibility to choose between 1 and 3 rounds: preSale, pre-ICO, ICO
  • smart contract has 7+ roles (crypto wallets) for employees of the company for different purposes – beneficiary (receives crypto currency), accountant (tokens), manager (programmer, publishing / setting up a contract), bounty manager, the team’s wallet (with a freeze for 12+ months), etc.
  • the ability to put / remove from a pause the sale of tokens and / or their exchange / trading
  • automatic flexible calculation of bonuses
  • well-commented and readable code so that anyone can audit it
  • documentation of 3 parts for 40-60 pages: instructions for your investors (how to pay, how the contract protects their rights from the company, how to audit, where and what variables), detailed instructions for employees to independently publish and customize our contract (dozens of flexible settings), documentation for employees on the general method of arranging payments in non-ETH currencies
  • different options out of the box and customization for the client: softCap · hardCap · overLimit · minPay · rate · start / end of rounds · flexible bonus “ladder” · from 1 to N rounds · different scenarios …

The service is delivered in 2 versions – with automation and a set of utilities for working with non-ETH currencies or without such automation.

Option 1: only a smart contract, no utilities (software for Windows / Linux / Mac).

  • All 100% of options and benefits are available, as described above
  • Full automation of token sales in ETH
  • Complete documentation and readiness for audit
  • A great option for those who accept only in ETH
  • Not very convenient if you accept: BTC, LTC, DASH and so on

The client can organize the reception of any non-ETH currencies, a smart contract will take them into account. But in this version there are no utilities for sending tokens. You will have to distribute them manually and do accounting. Roughly speaking, once your BTC wallet received the amount of money, you convert it into ETH, you consider the current bonus, you inform the smart contract about this transaction, all doing by hand. After ICO, a smart contract automatically allocates tokens to all BTC investors and you will need to send them, again manually.

Option 2: includes a smart contract + automation utilities (soft).

You can even take and fiat money – USD, EUR, PayPal, Yandex.Money, etc.

  • Utilities control the receipt of money for crypto wallets
  • Automatically use them at the exchange rate and the current bonus mark-ups
  • Automatically calculate tokens payment lists for non-ETH investors
  • Semiautomatically send them
  • The accountant of the company can control each step of the utilities in several detailed Excel reports: the software can not do anything unexpected, the audit is ultimately given only by the accountant
  • All utilities can be managed by a company employee or transferred to ICOmachine in order to save time. In the latter version, we take responsibility for sending tokens.

Option 1 and 2 offer the same smart contract. The difference is in automation. If your ICO creates 100,000 transactions for receiving money, processing them manually will be difficult and automation is required, i.e. the costs of programming.

The service includes the development of a smart contract for ICO, capable of accepting any currency when purchasing tokens. The contract can function independently, either within the personal cabinet – either the client’s PC or our PC. An integral part is a smart contract. Additional parts: automation of non-ETH reception and / or personal cabinet (yours or ours). In all cases, the crypto currency is recieved by the smart contract or crypto wallets of the company. It is not necessary to open the closed keys of the wallets, 100% observance of safety standards.

The cost of services includes a reasonable number of works related to the mandatory adaptation of the ICO platform to the client. We develop and issue a lot of side information: detailed file “ICO details”, money collection schedules and distribution of tokens (different scenarios), an inevitable marketing audit of your project and its correction, so that your ICO campaign looks as presentable as possible.

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Investor personal cabinet

Creating a personal cabinet for investors participating in the ICO project. The site is the business card of your project. The availability of the personal cabinet at the company increases the reliability and security of the investor. The principal difference between our office and conventional solutions is shown in the presentation about the ICO platform (there are no private keys of purses, that is, there is almost nothing to crack). The cabinet is part of the ICO Platform, but if desired it can work independently, with the client’s smart contract. Our solution has many options and has all the necessary security features:

  • reception of any currencies: BTC, ETC, LTC, XRP, …
  • more difficult, but you can take even fiat money: USD, PayPal, WebMoney, …
  • protection of customer data from unauthorized access
  • protection from the threat of substitution of payment requisites
  • maximum protection from the threat of code changes by internal staff
  • minimizing the risk of stealing private keys by taking them outside the personal cabinet (money collects a smart contract)
  • spam-free methods of mailing letters about user registration
  • the possibility of periodic mailings and mail marketing
  • money collection widgets
  • referral program
  • lending style design of your ICO site
  • comfort for investors and funders (a flashy professional level of your ICO campaign)
  • transaction view
  • information on the status of rounds (counters, fee amounts, instructions)
  • mail marketing: mailing, protection of hitting your letters in spam

Full integration with the “Platform for ICO” service (with or without software). The service includes a free adaptation of the appearance of the PC to the main lending style design of ICO. Either the client provides a complete design of the PC.

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Active Client Site ICO Security

The site of the project is often the target of attack by hackers. That is why the frontends security systems must be thoroughly worked out. There are too many different methods of hacking and too many different “black boxes” to check and control them all, including social engineering. But we can dramatically improve the situation by connecting us for observation. We offer the following solutions for the security of project sites for the period of ICO:

  • Isolation of hosting from other components of the client company.
  • Shadow copy of the site and constant monitoring of the immutability of the original site.
  • By analogy with the “secret launch” of the engine in cars, a personal algorithm of protection against the substitution of payment details is written for each customer.
  • System administrators check the ICO client’s site for standard threats and server configuration errors.
  • Individual methods of monitoring the site and blocking its work in case of hacking.
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Audit of client smart contracts

Detailed analysis of the client company’s repository with the code on Solidity with the possibility of subsequent publication of the public report on the audit of the smart contract. In most cases, this is a set of scripts for ICO, but sometimes customers provide an entire project ecosystem for audit. Audit of a smart contract includes the following areas:

  • Check for obvious errors in the code, problems with logic
  • Checking the security of a smart contract for rights, can not a hacker use a method that is not designed for him.
  • Similarly, in complex contracts with multiple roles for company employees, checking the separation of their powers. Can one employee, suddenly becoming disloyal to the company, steal something or maliciously block
  • Checking for a number of common potential threats, such as buffer overflow in mathematical operations (87% of our clients allow these errors)
  • Checking the logic of the ICO smart contract to respect the interests of investors. Very often we see scenarios when, during the ICO, the company reserves the right to change any important conditions. For example, due to the change in the ICO term, even with a hardcap, nothing prevents for 100 years to tighten the round. In ruder cases, there are implicit rights to fully substitute a coin / money contract (secondary contracts) to get full rights over money or tokens.

You can order an audit of your project or project, in which you are going to invest.

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Technical audit of the project and whitepaper of blockchain component of the project

Technical audit and comments for the project founders on the quality of integration of blockchain technology into the product ecosystem of their project. This audit reveals weak and undeveloped aspects of the functioning systems of decentralized product elements. It allows to understand the weaknesses of the conceptual issue of the implementation of blockchain and its relevance within the framework of this or that product solution.

Development of several technical chapters of the White Paper: blockchain + audit of the project:

  • Why do you need blockchain
  • The concept of a token
  • What exactly is decentralized in the project, and what is not?
  • The role of smart contracts
  • The migration of data between the API, smart contracts, and blockchain
  • Large-scale ideas for converting a project into a full ecosystem with a description of the roles of all participants and the overall importance of your project
  • The removal from the White Paper of technically questionable declarations / promises
  • Brief project development plan
  • Description of the project architecture, the meaning and role of protocols, API
  • Customer support during technical criticism (in chat rooms, forums)
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Personal security of the first person of the company

The technology of ICO and crypto-currency storage with the proper professional level of the organization is 100% safe. But there is a problem: the beneficiary, who receives the crypto currency, is not a professional in this field and listens to the advice of his subordinates. The essence of the crypto currency and ideology of the blockchain is not to trust anyone except the algorithm (and you can not trust yourself). Even owning a cold wallet in the form of a flash drive, you can not feel completely protected: in addition to the wallet, you probably still somewhere recorded private keys (backup), which can be hacked and kidnapped.

In the form of the first step to improve the situation, we develop algorithms for the security of storing all of their crypto wallets (their private keys). In this case, you do not need to write anything down or remember passwords of enormous length. The first part of the component is personal information that a person can remember for life. This can be a favorite password, someone’s name, date, etc. It is not at all terrible that the information may be known not only to you.

The second part of the component is a simple algorithm, how to turn a short and unreliable string into a certain data block. The algorithm will be built into the secret places of your personal laptop, phone and a secret page on the Internet.

Also, the algorithm is very simple to remember – if you lose all the places of its storage at once, then any programmer from your words will be able to reproduce the algorithm. The algorithm is absolutely neutral. It can not be said that it has anything to do with crypto-currencies, even if everyone has it in mind, even if you ask a programmer to reproduce it (in case all copies of it are lost). The third part of the component is the standard method of deploying all your crypto wallets from all the crypto-currencies out of the resulting data. All operations are performed on a secure USB flash drive, disconnected from the Internet. On it, you sign transactions to transfer funds from your cold wallet. The computer itself is protected: absolutely reliable disk encryption (in case of a flash drive) and 100% absence of any traces of operations with crypto currency.

Total: you do not need to write anything down and you can deny the very fact of storing any passwords. It is necessary to memorize only a short password and an algorithm – these are a few simple understandable phrases in Russian, which you can retell in your own words. The method is designed for ordinary people who are not gurus in IT. For each person a unique and personal algorithm is developed. The final part of the algorithm is generated by you personally (with the help of the program). We will not know either your password or the algorithm you are using.

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Development of a smart contract or blockchain ecosystem on order

Development of smart contracts for ICO, when the conditions are very different from the standard ones. Development of large projects, experience with Big Data, Highload and a large list of technologies. A full-fledged development when the ICO passed and it’s time to create a project:

  • The development of blockchain component parts of your project after the ICO, when you collected the money and are ready to pay for the development. implementation of the entire project ecosystem.
  • Development of smart contracts (any purpose)
  • The full development of the component parts of your project – dApps
  • Blockchain option, working with private blockchain
  • Development of the whole architecture: centralized and decentralized components, different languages ​​and databases (blockchain, SQL, Big Data)

The company has a rich experience in building large projects for 400-500 servers. This is not blockchain, but Big Data & amp; Highload, but the tasks of scaling and rapid growth of the project are practically the same. Just in one case it’s a few hundred SQL servers, in the other – hundreds of super-nodes of the blockchain.


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Leave a contact and the manager will tell you which services are needed, how to save whether it is possible to replace the prepayment for payment after ICO: