Applying for an investment

We apologize in advance if the text seems rude. If you think that the answer with the “We’ll call you” smile is more politically correct than the frank reason for refusal, giving a chance to correct mistakes – do not read this text.



Do not consider an investor technically unprepared. Do not write water or technical tautology. Perhaps your text will be read by Mask, who lives in the future, who does not have time to read the bravado from the past about your project. You probably already have a white book – there, I’m sure, this water is abundant. Write about the essence of thrice: one phrase (headline), in the form of a single paragraph (introduction), in the form of 1-2 pages (main text). The document should be short, in the era of the ICO they began to be called a Vampager (OnePager).

Most startups looking for investment, then the first paragraph of the filter selection does not pass. If you open their sites, then it’s not clear what the site is about. This is a mass phenomenon, when the site has many icons and infographics, short slogans about the benefits, etc. But the main task is not solved – how for an accidental visitor to explain the essence of the project in 2 seconds:

img 5b40b15000617 - Applying for an investment

Write documents in MS Word? You are obsolete for 5 years. None of the modern people in the IT community works in Word. A text document in the form of a file is a rudiment that causes inconvenience: in your letter you need to click on the file (what if there is a virus?), Then the file saving window will appear (you need to think hard where the folder is of the “Pomoyka” or “Misc” type) Next, it will not be known which application to display the document, because The computer does not have Word installed. Ok, the document is read and you need to send it to a colleague for an audit in Telegram. Open Telegram in a chat with the recipient, press “+” and start to remember, but where did you save this file? And how to find and filter out the desired file in the “Miscellaneous” folder. Then the circles of hell are repeated with other employees. If you create a new, modern IT project, but do not use the benefits of civilization and cloud methods of storing documents, you probably do not need to contact us.

Total: create documents in Google Docs and send only links. In the settings of the file, make “All accessible by reference” + “Can comment”. If a busy person reading your essay wants to give you free advice, then there is a chance that he will write it right in your document. Spending the time to switch to the mail or messenger – do not want to. This reduces your chances of at least some reaction.

When you send a link to the document, provide it with 1-2 phrases that are inside and what your project is about. So you will increase the conversion of the click on your document to be read.

In the document, start with the trump card – your project is already functioning, you are already making a profit and have managed to survive, you describe the essence of your know-how, describe the technical characteristics and solutions. You are not at the competition of projects such as invest-show (where you are required to listen to the end of allotted 5 minutes) and do not explain to your grandmother what blockchain is. You have to struggle to ensure that the reader does not close your document.

Imagine yourself in the investor’s place. Why should you give money? Where is the income? What exactly do you propose? Why can not you develop your own business? Here is a fine line between the disclosure of secret business indicators and the description of attractiveness, but it is this topic (after the idea of ​​the project) that will be decisive.

From the obvious, briefly reveal the advantages of your team, if you really have something to be proud of (do not write water, this is not a summary).

The project should not have any debts, loans, obligations (except possible investors of the first wave).

The main criterion of selection: the project already pays off, has a team and has to do with the blockchain (not in words).