Development of blockchain projects:
from the ICO to the decentralized ecosystem

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Technologies used

  • Blockchain / dApps

    Decentralized applications, architecture, data, protocols

  • Cryptocurrency

    XRP, AltCoins, ···
    Crypto mutual settlements

  • Smart contracts

    ICO, ERC20 tokens
    audit, ecosystem
    custom development

  • Programming

    Solidity, PHP, JavaScript
    Big Data, Go, HTML,nginx
    redis, SQL & noSQL

  • Maintenance

    ICO platform,
    White paper, analytic,
    idea, token concept

Analytical services

Checking the project readiness for the realities of the crypto community:

  • Evaluation of the technical preparation of the project
  • Adequate Road map, without fantastic terms
  • Team readiness for ICO (20-30 check points, DD checklist)

Development of project and text architecture for White paper:

  • Developing (unique) ideas for decentralization
  • Developing a concept of token
  • The scheme for moving data between the blockchain and the application
  • The architecture of smart contracts, methods, processed information
  • Protocol development and the overall ecosystem concept
  • Description of used blockchain
  • Protecting the project from criticism

Non-technical services: product packaging, full support, marketing, SMM, community, advertising, media, publications, bounty, competitor and market analysis, tracking, listings, blogs, content, investors – our partner performs.

– And why do you need blockchain to your project?

Many customers are absolutely sure that they justified the need for blockchain in their project. But at the first audit it turns out that the topic is not worked out and is reduced to the phrases: ‘We just need a token’ and ‘We will sell services for tokens.’
This approach will not withstand the slightest criticism in the crypto community and the campaign will not collect money. Our service is to develop a true story of justification, why do you need a blockchain and what exactly is decentralized in the project. Technical study of the concept may have a big impact on your initial idea. But the validity of blockchain ideas is more important.

Services for ICO and Blockchain Developments

Ready ICO platform
Description + Presentation

Investors Personal
cabinet for ICO

  • Reception of any currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, …
  • Possible Fiat Money: USD, PayPal, WebMoney, …
  • Lending design of ICO website
  • Different alghorithms for tokens emission ERC20 in Ethereum

Smart Contracts for
tokens emission

  • Absolute security: money in smart contracts
  • All money transactions and movement of tokens are verified personally by the manager, no black boxes
  • Investors and Founders Comfort
  • Money collection Widgets
  • Automate tokens payment to Investors, paid not in ETH

A lot of options and

softCap · hardCap · overLimit · minPay · rate · start/end of the rounds ·
flexible bonus “ledder” · from 1 to N rounds · different scenarios ·
documentation eng+rus · ICO hold: you, or we for you

Unprecendented protection
of investors interests

  • Openess to audit
  • Complience witn softCap & hardCap
  • Money refound in case of failure
  • Professional showcase approach to your ICO campaign
  • Transparancy of all fees , including non-ETH

Blockchain development

Smart contracts

  • Code audit, written by your programmists
  • In case you are Investor, then an analysis of your goal, including site vulnerability, technical realism of the road map and blockchain-functional
  • Careful, versatile, automated and manual code autiting

Blockchain development

  • Development of smart contracts for any purpose
  • Complete development of blockchain components of your project · dApps
  • Blockchain type, work with private blockchain
  • Development of whole architechture: centralized and decentralized components, different languages and blockchain database, SQL and Big Data