BUZcoin (Olga Buzova – Russian celebrity)


ICO expecting second round.

D.Borodin joined the project team as CIO/CTO (to the right of Olga)

Proof of TOSS


ICO postponed to July 2018



ICO is expected in 2018

Cloudy binge in bars. Pay money to the cloud and drink around the world for a fixed price. Pay not for a glass, but for a cloud bottle and drink in reality 🙂



IHT has sold out in 10 minutes in Jan 2018. Raised: $23,3M




ICO was successfully completed.

CryptoB2B conducted an audit for:

About team

Our unique specialization is a deep IT base for professional closing the technical aspect of conducting your ICO. We do not try to cling to everything but ideally solve the most difficult part, concerning the turnover of big money in smart contracts, the conditions of tokens issue and general algorithms of crowdsale. Marketing agencies will not offer such a technical level, because their task is to master the budgets for the project promotion, missing the fact that for ICO are needed an blockchain IT experts, not just marketing / finance. We are engaged in the flow-line audit of smart contracts for ICO and we supply a full ICO platform, devoid of all the chaos and errors that we see around. And, of course, we make usual development from small to huge projects such as social. network Topface. We will take on the development of both the whole of your project, and only the blockchain part.

If you have read the site and you still do not have enough arguments to make a decision to work with us, I suggest to open ICOrating.com (Top5 world agencies) and see customers at the bottom of the page. Do you recognize the successful ICO? Would you like to be among them with huge sums of fees? If desired, you can conclude a single contract CryptoB2B + ICOrating, including the promotion of your project and the search for investors from MatrixBank.

About the competence of our team

I hope for our cooperation! With regards,

Dmitry Borodin, CEO (experience in IT> 20 years)