Technical audit + development of the concept / whitepaper / project

Technical audit and comments for the project founders on the quality of integration of blockchain technology into the product ecosystem of their project. This audit reveals weak and undeveloped aspects of the functioning systems of decentralized product elements. It allows to understand the weaknesses of the conceptual issue of the implementation of blockchain and its relevance within the framework of this or that product solution.Development of several technical chapters of the White Paper: blockchain + audit of the project:

  • Why do you need blockchain
  • The concept of a token
  • What exactly is decentralized in the project, and what is not?
  • The role of smart contracts
  • The migration of data between the API, smart contracts, and blockchain
  • Large-scale ideas for converting a project into a full ecosystem with a description of the roles of all participants and the overall importance of your project
  • The removal from the White Paper of technically questionable declarations / promises
  • Brief project development plan
  • Description of the project architecture, the meaning and role of protocols, API
  • Customer support during technical criticism (in chat rooms, forums)