Selection of team advisers

Most marketing companies under this service understand only the search for advisors from the business community. In addition, we provide a strong IT team from non-businessmen and non-marketers, because first of all you are going to do exactly the IT project and if there was not a blockchain of the era now, the potential investor would assess you primarily for the potential of the team. In total, we offer two types of team selection / advisers:

Business advisors, investment consulting

Step 1, check the ICO’bility, i.e. feasibility and prospects for the project’s withdrawal to the ICO.

  • Interview with the founders and analysis of project documents
  • Review of relevant projects in the crypto and traditional market
  • Comprehensive report on the compliance of the idea with the principles of blockchain, the validity of the project, the main risks and prospects
    attract investment
  • Representation of potential ways of development or correction of ideas

Stage 2, investment audit.

  • Studying of public materials of the project
  • Interview with the team and request additional information
  • Review of investors – evaluation and key parameters on the page
  • Comprehensive Report on Crypto Investment Attractiveness with a Critical Analysis of Factors Affecting Success in Fundraising
  • Entering instructions
  • Question and answer session

Stage 3, project support.

  • Step-by-step mentoring of the ICO project with weekly status reports
  • Advising on marketing, legal, rating and technical aspects as required
  • Joint development of key aspects: project positioning; definition of the target audience of the investor; presentation of the team; token design and parameters for selling tokens; marketing and community; roadshow; general investment attractiveness; attracting well-known consultants; photos on the site.
  • The right to specify the names of our companies and persons as consultants (PR on this topic)
  • Presentation of the project on our investment show
  • Help in listing on crypto-exchanges and management of a token
Technical adviser and team of programmers

We can close the issue of providing your project with a technical leader, to which it will be impossible to quibble or doubt the lack of technical solvency. Of all the public experts of our group of companies, only Borodin and several CryptoB2B programmers are currently offering this role.

  • A large technical back-ground (20+ years) is described on other pages
  • Technical audit of the project, white paper, project ideology, methods of improving it to the ecosystem
  • Protect your project from any technical criticism
  • Assistance in technical aspects of project development, function of IT director + software architect / database
  • The development of the block part of the architecture of your project
  • Speech at conferences (huge experience), webinars, personal consultations of the founder on any issues
  • Assistance in the selection and selection of different ICO specialists: advertising, marketing, legal support, bounty, partner programs and dozens of other full support processes in ICO
  • Assistance in conducting interviews and assessing the technical level of your employees or potential partners when they present their services, and the founder does not have a technical background to make a partner’s assessment not only for the ability to flexibly sell services
  • Accommodation of photos and photos of employees on the site, white paper and the corresponding PR
  • Discounts for services from all companies of our group of companies
  • Includes package extra. paid options to the ICO platform