Personal security of the first person of the company

The technology of ICO and crypto-currency storage with the proper professional level of the organization is 100% safe. But there is a problem: the beneficiary, who receives crypto currency, is not a professional in this field and listens to the advice of his subordinates. The essence of the crypto currency and ideology of the blockade is not to trust anyone except the algorithm (and you can not trust yourself). Even owning a cool wallet in the form of a flash drive (which is cracked in 2-3 seconds), you can not feel completely protected: in addition to the purse, you probably still somewhere recorded private keys (backup), which can be hacked and abducted.

In addition to the very low technical level of foreign big eminent ICOs, which we periodically audit, an even more sad situation is observed with how people (future beneficiaries) create crypto wallets. Do not think about security at all! Online wallets such as will not be considered at all, anybody can guess potential vulnerability – authors (programmers, sysadmins, management) of online wallets know your private keys and can use them at any time. But even more advanced users who create keys in offline programs such as Bitcoin Core or Electrum are in a very vulnerable position. Stealing your keys costs about $ 1000 – the price of a personal Trojan that you can easily send via e-mail (do not think that “I do not click on links from letters” will help you). If we draw an analogy with the real world, future beneficiaries declare: I will keep a large amount of money at home, but I do not intend to put at least an entrance door (not to mention a safe).

The essence of this service lies in the assumption that ALL your electronic devices are infected with viruses and Trojans. This assumption with a low probability, say, 1%. But do you want to lose all money at once in 1% of cases? Obviously not, so we follow the assumption. The meaning of the service is to teach you how to safely work with crypto currency even in such a fictitious paranoid environment. This is possible and not difficult. Blocking really allows you to safely bypass all potential Trojans in Bitcoin Core (when it creates a wallet) or your operating system (when you keep the wallet decrypted). The essence of the method is full offline work and a total distrust of all, in the application of cross-encryption, distrust to random number generation algorithms and some algorithms in crypts. We also consider threats that some special services for certain in some operating systems (Windows) and popular software (crypts and other software) have their bookmarks. We can not know this, we just assume that everything is infected by the Trojans and this can not be fixed, nevertheless, our course will teach the first person of the company how to get out of the situation.

The method requires an investment of its time. You have to correlate what is more important – to engage in the current activities of your company and increase the chance to lose all the money, or to do something that you can not trust – to personally manage your money. Making an analogy with the protection of your own apartment, you should: check the quality of hacking the doorways, put the burglar-proof locks (hacking for at least 20 minutes), the alarm system, two doors at least, the security of the CC sensors (they can break in through doors), use caches / safes, but better – do not store information where an attacker expects to find it. If now your status on protecting your virtual wealth is described as “Closed the entrance cardboard door to the plank”, you should rethink the threats and invest something in defense.

You also need to protect yourself from the situation when you immediately lose all your electronic devices (phone, laptop, disks) due to extreme circumstances (fire, loss, theft, travel abroad lightly).

Different nonsenses “I have an antivirus,” “I have a fresh Windows,” “I do not go to dangerous sites,” “I have a firewall,” “Everyone does and nothing happened” do not have the slightest relation to the subject. Even a purse-flash drive with physical theft is broken in 2-3 seconds by brute-force (without physical theft – they are reliable). 99% of the information that is told on crypto conferences – tales from not technical experts, but marketers, sales people, traders, miners and funders, who once had the luck to spend a rich ICO, from which they instantly became great experts.

The service prevents all described problems. It is conducted in the form of a master class with personal training, about 3-4x practical lessons for ~ 2 hours.