Advancement in soc. networks, media, listings, traffic, bounty, airdrop

Services for keeping branches, working with negatives, promoting the project in all relevant social networks. Specific networks are selected based on the project and the geography of the main expected geography of the target audience: FB, Medium, BitcoinTalk, Twitter, Reddit, KakaoTalk, Telegram, Linkedin, etc. Work on the maintenance of the main branches in blogs, in different languages, packaging, design and presentation of the material. Professional pumping of branches in BitcoinTalk & Reddit, for a constant influx of interested people, ensuring ongoing discussion of the project. Related work:

  • The selection of the SMM team for you in the staff or the use of contractors (if not we).
  • Keeping Bounty & AirDrop on a turn-key basis.
  • ICO platform and smart contract already has integration options – you can choose any Bounty artist, we are compatible.
  • Copyright. Writing articles about the project. Writing press releases. Transfer.
  • Review of prices and evaluation of the effectiveness of investing money in the publication.
  • Promotion of articles about the project in different media – from Medium to Forbes. Negotiations on pricing policies with publications and control of publications.
  • Placement in paid listings. Review and price policy, budget control on placement, control of publication, negotiations with listings and registration procedures.
  • SEO, banners, traffic purchase, development of creative ideas.
  • Setting up an AdWords campaign.
  • Work on marketing in social media includes the following works:

Design of all material about the project, adapted for a specific social network or media.

  • Creating presentations.
  • Creation of chats and branches in Russian and other languages, their maintenance and heating.
  • SMM support.
  • Work to attract traffic. Black methods are not allowed! Fake bots can be seen with the naked eye!
  • Search, attraction and work with agents of influence.
  • Purchase advertising in other chat rooms / branches about your project.
  • Moderation.