ICO platform: sale of tokens for crypto currency

The smart contract (s) and the accompanying software are used by customers during the crowdsele time as ICO or ITO. The presence of a contract significantly increases investor confidence in ICO, since it heals a large number of technical risks. The essence of the platform is to provide a ready-made solution with paranoid security, both on the protection of the founder, and unprecedented protection of investors interests.

Possibility to receive any crypto currency, including fiat money: USD, PayPal… Integration with the Investor’s Personal Cabinet (from us or from the client). A well-considered scenario for the ICO campaign, to increase the attractiveness of the client in the eyes of the investor.

The list of risks that neutralize the smart contract and its capabilities:

  • the company will not withdraw the money, if does not reach the softcap
  • the company can not in any way affect the conditions of fundrising, if the fundraising process is already started
  • neutralizes typical risks of ICO, as substitution of addresses of secondary contracts
  • the founders do not have the opportunity to accept more funds, than it is laid in hardcap
  • eliminates the risks of non-fulfillment of promises from project founder regarding the burning of unsold tokens, since the release of the token is possible strictly at the time of sale, that is, there are no prerequisites for the need to burn something
  • contract is excellently suited for collecting any non-ETH currencies with strict reservation of exactly the number of tokens, which came (there are no loopholes to an infinite emission)
  • possibility to choose between 1 and 3 rounds: preSale, pre-ICO, ICO
  • smart contract has 7+ roles (crypto wallets) for employees of the company for different purposes – beneficiary (receives crypto currency), accountant (tokens), manager (programmer, publishing / setting up a contract), bounty manager, the team’s wallet (with a freeze for 12+ months), etc.
  • the ability to put / remove from a pause the sale of tokens and / or their exchange / trading
  • automatic flexible calculation of bonuses
  • well-commented and readable code so that anyone can audit it
  • documentation of 3 parts for 40-60 pages: instructions for your investors (how to pay, how the contract protects their rights from the company, how to audit, where and what variables), detailed instructions for employees to independently publish and customize our contract (dozens of flexible settings), documentation for employees on the general method of arranging payments in non-ETH currencies
  • different options out of the box and customization for the client: softCap · hardCap · overLimit · minPay · rate · start / end of rounds · flexible bonus “ladder” · from 1 to N rounds · different scenarios …

The service is delivered in 2 versions – with automation and a set of utilities for working with non-ETH currencies or without such automation.

Option 1: only a smart contract, no utilities (software for Windows / Linux / Mac).
  • All 100% of options and benefits are available, as described above
  • Full automation of token sales in ETH
  • Complete documentation and readiness for audit
  • A great option for those who accept only in ETH
  • Not very convenient if you accept: BTC, LTC, DASH and so on

The client can organize the reception of any non-ETH currencies, a smart contract will take them into account. But in this version there are no utilities for sending tokens. You will have to distribute them manually and do accounting. Roughly speaking, once your BTC wallet received the amount of money, you convert it into ETH, you consider the current bonus, you inform the smart contract about this transaction, all doing by hand. After ICO, a smart contract automatically allocates tokens to all BTC investors and you will need to send them, again manually.

Option 2: includes a smart contract + automation utilities (soft).

You can even take and fiat money – USD, EUR, PayPal, Yandex.Money, etc.

  • Utilities control the receipt of money for crypto wallets
  • Automatically use them at the exchange rate and the current bonus mark-ups
  • Automatically calculate tokens payment lists for non-ETH investors
  • Semiautomatically send them
  • The accountant of the company can control each step of the utilities in several detailed Excel reports: the software can not do anything unexpected, the audit is ultimately given only by the accountant
  • All utilities can be managed by a company employee or transferred to ICOmachine in order to save time. In the latter version, we take responsibility for sending tokens.

Option 1 and 2 offer the same smart contract. The difference is in automation. If your ICO creates 100,000 transactions for receiving money, processing them manually will be difficult and automation is required, i.e. the costs of programming.

The service includes the development of a smart contract for ICO, capable of accepting any currency when purchasing tokens. The contract can function independently, either within the personal cabinet – either the client’s PC or our PC. An integral part is a smart contract. Additional parts: automation of non-ETH reception and / or personal cabinet (yours or ours). In all cases, the crypto currency is recieved by the smart contract or crypto wallets of the company. It is not necessary to open the closed keys of the wallets, 100% observance of safety standards.

The cost of services includes a reasonable number of works related to the mandatory adaptation of the ICO platform to the client. We develop and issue a lot of side information: detailed file “ICO details”, money collection schedules and distribution of tokens (different scenarios), an inevitable marketing audit of your project and its correction, so that your ICO campaign looks as presentable as possible.