Protection from DDoS / letters in spam / email marketing

Protection from DDoS, SSL certificate and hosting is already included in the ICO platform (description below). For example, we successfully protect BUZCOIN from the weekly DDoS. We also perform a number of works to ensure that letters to the new investor, when registered in the Personal Account, are not spammed. Of course, we ourselves are able to send letters. But we use the paid mailing (you – for free), so that professionals from the mail service would be responsible for the effectiveness. Also includes mail marketing, the possibility of targeted mailings, visual editing of letters, etc. Options:

Protection from DDoS

On the Internet there are a lot of services related to protection, with a huge spread in the cost of services. Some companies do not understand how they charge their services. It is extremely difficult for an unprepared client to deal with this. We conduct consultations and we connect a free protection package, saving in most cases from problems.

Many know, probably, about CloudFlare, even having a free fare and are sure that it is worthwhile to connect it and this is enough. Actually not, if add. works you can not hide your real IP address server. Any trained schoolboy in a couple of minutes will be able to calculate the real IP address of your server and order DDoS directly. Our defense lies in the true concealment of a secret IP address. This is not a call to hacking and diversion, but you can try to find the real address of Many security structures tested this topic and did not find any vulnerabilities (IP disclosures). Perhaps you will succeed, for which we will be very grateful.

SSL Certificates and Hosting

We will provide a copy of the Personal Cabinet in a secure version: hosting with flexible configurations (you can increase productivity with DDoS in one click) and with SSL certificate protection.

Mail service – delivery of registration letters

We have ideally solved an extremely important task – that letters of registration are not included in the spam. The client does not need to understand anything, we deliver everything on a turn-key basis, it’s free (the service is already included in the price of the platform). Your letters will be guaranteed to reach the addressee. You can visually, directly on the site (in the admin panel) edit letters, arrange them, add pictures, watch preview, as it looks for PC and mobile versions. Then, in one click, you do the mailing and observe in the report for its execution and the results of reading / navigating through the links. Newsletters are free of charge, but 5000 letters are included free of charge, which is enough for ordinary small ICO. There are different tariffs – with payment for each individual letter ($0.005) or with monthly payment and unlimited number of mailings ($35 per month).

Of course, at any time you can export the list of users and proceed to the independent mailings. However, mailing lists are not so simple as it seems, whoever says anything. It is highly likely that your independent mailing will go into spam.

This chapter deals with mailings of users who registered in your copy of the Personal Account and clicked on the link in the letter that they agree to receive information from you in the future. The service for sending spam to the target audience is the next chapter.

Mailing lists for investors

Let’s speak frankly, on the Internet there is a huge number of figures who are vying with each other in vain and offering their services for mailing, promising fantastic efficiency. This strongly resembles the service for spam mailings and this should be treated very carefully. We will not offer anything new, except how to give advice, who is really honestly engaged in mailing, and is not an ordinary rascal. Independently assess the adequacy of proposals on the ratio of price and quality is difficult.