Active client site ICO security

The site of the project is often the target of attack by hackers. That is why the frontends security systems must be thoroughly worked out. There are too many different methods of hacking and too many different “black boxes” to check and control them all, including social engineering. But we can dramatically improve the situation by connecting us for observation. We offer the following solutions for the security of project sites for the period of ICO:

  • Isolation of hosting from other components of the client company.
  • Shadow copy of the site and constant monitoring of the immutability of the original site.
  • By analogy with the “secret launch” of the engine in cars, a personal algorithm of protection against the substitution of payment details is written for each customer.
  • System administrators check the ICO client’s site for standard threats and server configuration errors.
  • Individual methods of monitoring the site and blocking its work in case of hacking.