Services for ICO and Blockchain Developments

Ready ICO platform
Description + Presentation

Investors Personal
cabinet for ICO

  • Reception of any currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, …
  • Possible Fiat Money: USD, PayPal, WebMoney, …
  • Lending design of ICO website
  • Different alghorithms for tokens emission ERC20 in Ethereum

Smart Contracts for
tokens emission

  • Absolute security: money in smart contracts
  • All money transactions and movement of tokens are verified personally by the manager, no black boxes
  • Investors and Founders Comfort
  • Money collection Widgets
  • Automate tokens payment to Investors, paid not in ETH

A lot of options and

softCap · hardCap · overLimit · minPay · rate · start/end of the rounds ·
flexible bonus “ledder” · from 1 to N rounds · different scenarios ·
documentation eng+rus · ICO hold: you, or we for you

Unprecendented protection
of investors interests

  • Openess to audit
  • Complience witn softCap & hardCap
  • Money refound in case of failure
  • Professional showcase approach to your ICO campaign
  • Transparancy of all fees , including non-ETH

Blockchain development

Smart contracts

  • Code audit, written by your programmists
  • In case you are Investor, then an analysis of your goal, including site vulnerability, technical realism of the road map and blockchain-functional
  • Careful, versatile, automated and manual code autiting

Blockchain development

  • Development of smart contracts for any purpose
  • Complete development of blockchain components of your project · dApps
  • Blockchain type, work with private blockchain
  • Development of whole architechture: centralized and decentralized components, different languages and blockchain database, SQL and Big Data