ICO-Hypethon 2017 conference

bankor - ICO-Hypethon 2017 conference

Representatives of CryptoB2B, MatrixBank, ICOrating and Imigize took part in ICO-Hypethon 2017. Of all the events of the conference, it is especially possible to single out a personal acquaintance with the co-owner of Bancor, Eyal Herzog, in the center of the photo. Bancor – https://www.bancor.network. Crowdsdale-ICO Bancor brought the owners $ 150 million in 3 hours.

Eyal kindly agreed to analyze the concept of ICO for Imigize and make personal criticism. In the near future, the Imigize team will prepare a preliminary concept for an exit to the ICO. The CryptoB2B founder is also one of the founders of the Imigize project – a technology for contactless shoe fitting using a mobile phone or a stationary scanner that can be used in shoe stores online.

In the photo from left to right: Borodin D. (CryptoB2B), Eyal Herzog (Bancor), Chernik M. (Imigize).

Talk about Topface, interview, Dmitry Borodin

Talk about highload, the architecture of large scale projects and the history of Topface creation (CEO CryptoB2B is also co-founder of Topface, Imigize, etc). In Topface about 115 million users. About 66% of users are not from Russia. Attendance: peak – 2,000,000 DAU, an average of 1.6 million unique people a day. At the same time, up to 90,000 people can be online. Now we have about 400-500 servers. Traffic is 1 Gbit / s, about 25,000 requests to SQL per second, 60,000 concurrent connections (Established) to nginx, about 8,000 requests per second to php (dynamic load), the volume of all MySQL databases is 60 Tb. The development team – 50 people, the whole company – 110.

Since 2011, the master class “Development of a large scalable project from scratch”, theses and the program – http://php.spb.ru