Investor personal cabinet

Creating a personal cabinet for investors participating in the ICO project. The site is the business card of your project. The availability of the personal cabinet at the company increases the reliability and security of the investor. The principal difference between our office and conventional solutions is shown in the presentation about the ICO platform (there are no private keys of purses, that is, there is almost nothing to crack). The cabinet is part of the ICO Platform, but if desired it can work independently, with the client’s smart contract. Our solution has many options and has all the necessary security features:

  • reception of any currencies: BTC, ETC, LTC, XRP, …
  • more difficult, but you can take even fiat money: USD, PayPal, WebMoney, …
  • protection of customer data from unauthorized access
  • protection from the threat of substitution of payment requisites
  • maximum protection from the threat of code changes by internal staff
  • minimizing the risk of stealing private keys by taking them outside the personal cabinet (money collects a smart contract)
  • spam-free methods of mailing letters about user registration
  • the possibility of periodic mailings and mail marketing
  • money collection widgets
  • referral program
  • lending style design of your ICO site
  • comfort for investors and funders (a flashy professional level of your ICO campaign)
  • transaction view
  • information on the status of rounds (counters, fee amounts, instructions)
  • mail marketing: mailing, protection of hitting your letters in spam

Full integration with the “Platform for ICO” service (with or without software). The service includes a free adaptation of the appearance of the PC to the main lending style design of ICO. Either the client provides a complete design of the PC.