Development of a smart contract or blockchain ecosystem on order

Development of smart contracts for ICO, when the conditions are very different from the standard ones. Development of large projects, experience with Big Data, Highload and a large list of technologies. A full-fledged development when the ICO passed and it’s time to create a project:

  • The development of blockchain component parts of your project after the ICO, when you collected the money and are ready to pay for the development. implementation of the entire project ecosystem.
  • Development of smart contracts (any purpose)
  • The full development of the component parts of your project – dApps
  • Blockchain option, working with private blockchain
  • Development of the whole architecture: centralized and decentralized components, different languages ​​and databases (blockchain, SQL, Big Data)

The company has a rich experience in building large projects for 400-500 servers. This is not blockchain, but Big Data & amp; Highload, but the tasks of scaling and rapid growth of the project are practically the same. Just in one case it’s a few hundred SQL servers, in the other – hundreds of super-nodes of the blockchain.