Audit of client smart contracts

Detailed analysis of the client company’s repository with the code on Solidity with the possibility of subsequent publication of the public report on the audit of the smart contract. In most cases, this is a set of scripts for ICO, but sometimes customers provide an entire project ecosystem for audit. Audit of a smart contract includes the following areas:

  • Check for obvious errors in the code, problems with logic
  • Checking the security of a smart contract for rights, can not a hacker use a method that is not designed for him.
  • Similarly, in complex contracts with multiple roles for company employees, checking the separation of their powers. Can one employee, suddenly becoming disloyal to the company, steal something or maliciously block
  • Checking for a number of common potential threats, such as buffer overflow in mathematical operations (87% of our clients allow these errors)
  • Checking the logic of the ICO smart contract to respect the interests of investors. Very often we see scenarios when, during the ICO, the company reserves the right to change any important conditions. For example, due to the change in the ICO term, even with a hardcap, nothing prevents for 100 years to tighten the round. In ruder cases, there are implicit rights to fully substitute a coin / money contract (secondary contracts) to get full rights over money or tokens.

You can order an audit of your project or project, in which you are going to invest.