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Dmitry Borodin – conference CryptoShow

In the video – an interview with Dmitry after the conference CryptoShow, where he made a report and was in a group of experts (judges).

Dmitry Borodin (CryptoB2B), Sergey Sarkisian (Standartico.com) and Denis Kozminykh (CryptoShow/ShowICO founder) plan to jointly launch a new project. Now the technical basis is being prepared, how to implement and launch a decentralized voting procedure for projects at CryptoShow, so that experts (judges) directly could vote for projects directly in the detachment and thereby make a decision on real investment in projects. The block solution will supply CryptoB2B and will further be a technical partner who can be responsible for the ideal integrity, security and transparency of investment allocation methods.

Our report on Cryptoconference: “How to invest in ICO whales and funds. Secrets of the ICO market”

I strongly advise you to watch this video (sorry, only Russian). It discloses a lot of insider information and statistics, how to set up your ICO, what options are better. This statistics is collected from our group of companies serving different areas of ICO – rating, audit, packaging, marketing, investment. Speaker – Dmitry Filatov, the founder of Topface, ICOrating, MatrixBank and other our companies.

The conference was held in the innovative center of Skolkovo, where everyone was sitting in winter clothes and innovatively frozen. The conference site is no longer available, but the Internet remembers everything:  https://web.archive.org/web/20171229065150/http://cryptoconf.su:80/

Talk about Topface, interview, Dmitry Borodin

Talk about highload, the architecture of large scale projects and the history of Topface creation (CEO CryptoB2B is also co-founder of Topface, Imigize, etc). In Topface about 115 million users. About 66% of users are not from Russia. Attendance: peak – 2,000,000 DAU, an average of 1.6 million unique people a day. At the same time, up to 90,000 people can be online. Now we have about 400-500 servers. Traffic is 1 Gbit / s, about 25,000 requests to SQL per second, 60,000 concurrent connections (Established) to nginx, about 8,000 requests per second to php (dynamic load), the volume of all MySQL databases is 60 Tb. The development team – 50 people, the whole company – 110.

Since 2011, the master class “Development of a large scalable project from scratch”, theses and the program – http://php.spb.ru

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